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Most men aim to look youthful when they dress casually but they don’t always shoot where they’re aiming. If you want to look well dressed, you should aim to look matured. Maturity, after all, is what separates men from boys. Here’s a few suggestions:


Neutral T-shirts

The basic colors – black, white, grey and navy never go out of style. There’s absolutely no match for white to pair with classic indigo jeans. Meanwhile, the black t-shirt is a rebellion in itself, treading away from the white. The grey T-shirt is ideal to visually enhance one’s body shape.


Colored T-shirts

Colors bring enthusiasm and invoke emotions within people. Go wild with colors, keeping just one rule in mind, ‘different colors suit different skin tones’. Darker hues like camel, bottle green and bold primary colors work best with guys with pale skin. On the other hand, people with olive and dark skin are very lucky because they can experiment with a wide variant of colors minus brown and orange.


Vibrant shirts

These vibrant shirts remind us of Leonardo Dicaprio in Romeo + Juiet. These shirts come in variant styles ranging from the 50’s retro style to classic bowler shirts.


Double Denim

Denim jeans all over makes for a great fashion statement and has found its way back on the catwalks.


Biker Jacket

Echoing the style of Mick Jagger, Marlon Brando, and James Dean, the biker jacket is a timeless trend that never fails to impress.


Sailor overalls

Shirts with sailor collars, classic berets are in this season. These dresses are for the fashion enthusiasts who never made it as a sailor but can-do wonders in a nautical style.


Leather pants

Leather pants have their own league of gentleman – Jim Morrison, Iggy Pop, Freddie Mercury.


Long tunics

Elongated shirts are dapper wear this summer; no longer constricted to female wear.

Paint Splatter

Shirts and pants alike with prints that look like paint has been splattered onto them is state of the art fashion.


Leopard Print

Another clothing that seems to have evolved from its female counterpart is leopard printed clothes for man. Not everyone can pull of such stunning attire, but one’s who can, surely look like killers- or more like jungle cats.


Endless bags
Many fashion houses incorporated the need of bags with clothing. It is especially evident in the segment of jackets bearing what seem like endless bags.


Tank tops

Comfortable and effortless yet elegant – tank tops can be a body-builder or an athlete’s best friend, especially in the summer.


The Overcoat and Beanie

A wonderful fall inspired outfit. The overcoat and beanie will keep you warm and exude style all at the same time.


Distressed hoodie and pants

Distressed hoodie and pants make up for the best casual streetwear in contemporary times.


Denim Jackets

Denim Jackets are a must have for a man of all tastes and fashion sense- timeless in its essence.


Oversized plaid shirts 

These were a huge hit in 2016 and work great in layering.


Well-Tailored suits

A well-tailored suit transforms a man into a gentleman with killer looks; and there’s absolutely no alternatives to it.


Chelsea boots

Chelsea boots are ideal in transforming casual wear into classy wear. A must have!


Off-white overcoat

Off-white colored overcoats are rarely ever seen and will definitely make you stand out.



Hats can be great in complementing men’s attire. Experimenting with different shapes and colors of hats can be a great idea!

These outfits and accessories will surely make the man out of you and bring out that inner style in the most glorious ways.