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Winter is coming. This is the perfect time to showcase your favorite menswear. From hoodies and beanies to overcoats and innumerable layering options, it’s quite impossible to go wrong in style during winter. Here’s a few easy winter outfits for men.


Cardigans are great winter all-rounders and an essential men’s winter wardrobe staple. If you’re looking for a modern look, you could get something with a thick weave colored in a neutral tone, pairing it up with casual clothes and sneakers. Its unique collar makes it eligible to pair it up with T-shirts, shirts and polos.


Hoodies for men are usually casual but can replace your casual sweater if worn properly. Make sure the hoodie is    a comfy fit with no bagginess around the waist and that it does not extend significantly below the belt. For the best look, go for simplicity – opt for a solid color. Meanwhile, a zip-up hoodie is perfect for layering and gives you    a stylish, slim-fitted look.
KnitwearKnitted sweaters are best when fitted to your body and not tight or baggy. Sweaters with a texture like the chain    or jacquard knit gives you a great outlook and work well under a denim jacket. If the sweater is made from unscoured wool retains, it is both water resistant and wearable when wet. For extra warmth, add a sports jacket made from rugged fabric.

Fashionable Mac Coat

Named after the company who coined their iconic shape, Mackintosh, it’s truly hard to beat a Mac coat as a versatile cover up during winter. The reason Mac coats are great winter menswear is due to its splendid warmth factor alongside its ability to break the breeze and keeping off the rain from the clothes underneath. “A Mac is a great way to beat the elements without being puffy or padded. Go for a neutral color, as you’ll be able to pair it up with any look”, says Kent and Lime Stylist Brittney Ornelas.

Leather Jacket

The leather jacket is a must staple that any man’s wardrobe ought to have. It is a classic and versatile item of clothing that’s been on trend since the early 90’s and is still as famous as ever. The most important thing to remember is a good fit. Based on your style preference, you can choose from Biker Jackets, Bomber Jackets, Racer Jackets and Flight Jackets. Leather jackets can be paired up with both formal and casual styles.

Make the most out of this winter by following these easy yet awesome styles.