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Male body grooming is also commonly known as manscaping. Manscaping is a humorous term blending the words ‘man’ and ‘landscaping’, referring to the removal or trimming of hair on a man’s body through methods like waxing, plucking and shaving. Manscaping styles can range from the simple tidying of wild hair to full grooming, based on the style you would want to opt for. Discussed below are a few guidelines on manscaping.Eyebrows

Eyebrows are one of the most defining features on your face, thus requiring regular grooming. When grooming your eyebrows, aim to reduce weight and remove stray hair but be careful not to overdo it. You may use scissors to trim uneven hair. Afterwards, use tweezers to tidy up hair that grow outside the natural shape of your brows. “The idea is to retain a masculine appearance but take some of the weight out of the eyebrows, removing any straggly hairs,” says Chris Beastall, Editor of grooming blog Ape To Gentleman. “Groomed right, the result is a tidier, younger-looking appearance.”


Tweezers work best for the outer ear area.  Pluck hairs that stick out of the hair using a pair of good-quality blunt-end tweezers. Tweezing – as opposed to trimming with scissors or an electric trimmer – not only allows for greater precision in tackling unsightly hairs, it also extracts hair at the root, meaning they’ll take longer to grow back. Inner ear hair should be trimmed with a pair of scissors made specifically for cutting facial hair.


Nose hair is important as it acts as an air filter for your nose, filtering out bacteria from entering the nasal cavity. However, it is common decency to keep your visible nose hair short. Cut it short using blunt-ended scissors and avoid plucking, as plucking can draw blood which can later lead to infection.


Some men prefer a chest with natural hair appearance while others opt for a neatly trimmed look. In case you want to tidy your chest hair, you may use an electric trimmer, equipping it with the guard that you prefer and adjust it accordingly. Meanwhile, if you want a clean look, consider using shaving cream and a manual razor.

Armpits If you’re not going for a hippie all natural look, you should clean your arm pit hair regularly. Use a sharp razor to shave it off completely, or use an electric trimmer with at least a number 2 guard to trim your armpit hair.

Arms and legs

If you’d like to keep your arms and legs clean, you should consider waxing or shaving off the hair. However, a bit of hair on arms and legs looks more natural. Just make sure to not let it out grow too much, and trim it if it needs to be. Use a trimmer with a number 1 or number 2 guards to groom the hair.

Everybody likes a well-groomed man and all these effort will be surely appreciated. So if you follow these steps, you’ll look like a true gentleman and become the neatest man on the market