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This goes for any Bond actor probably but Daniel Craig may be the perfect example on how to look crisp and sharp, slick and suave all the while being on and off screen, in action set pieces and red carpets. His British Heritage and home in the States brings out the best in both parts of style in him. He can effortlessly pull off both classic and comfort styles like no other. His suits are sleek and super-fitted, but never over-done; denim is distressed and doubled up, but never ironic; knitwear is chunky and casual, but still sharp. So how can you look like the indomitable latest addition to the 007 roster? Let’s find out.


Groom yourself

While the other Bonds of yester years may have sported a more fashionable hairstyle, Daniel Craig doesn’t go for the flamboyant. He prefers the clean cut government agency guy look rather than a playboy wave of hairs stuck with hairspray. To emulate Craig’s hairline, tell your barber to ditch the trimmers and clippers and go old fashion, scissors and combs. It gives more shape, definition and texture: just as 007 ordered. Get your hand on some decent hair products to help you achieve your goal hairstyle.


Not everyone has access to Ms. Moneypenny as their personal barber, but as any other Bond actor, Craig carries a predominantly clean shaven look.  Whilst traditional shaving methods will give you the clean-cut look of a secret agent, remember it requires a sharp blade, steady hand and plenty of products.


Get fit
Who will believe when we say that this guy is 49 right? Daniel Craig boasts the most impeccable physique, perhaps the most impressive among any known Bonds. Craig played rugby throughout his childhood, he has always been athletic..But being as fit as him will take some serious work. To get a Bond bod yourself, you need to commit to a strict diet and workout regime. Not only did Daniel Craig give up smoking, but he also restricted his alcohol intake to Friday and Saturday nights only. Yeah, no Martini for this guy, neither shaken nor stirred. In addition, Craig also embarked on a controlled diet, which saw him cut any carbs after 4pm, drink two litres of water a day, and eat lots of fruit, vegetables and high quality proteins (eggs, fish, chicken and nuts, plus protein shakes). If you, too, want to cut body fat whilst building muscle you got your work cut out for you. 


Don’t be so casual about Casuals

Craig is probably the only person other than George Clooney to rock a Cardigan whilst not looking like a granddad. Taking on different designs he manages to neutralise the sometimes old-fashioned design, making it his own through the use of neutral colours, like navy and grey, and interesting designs, such as the shawl collar. Because of this, he manages to easily reach a smart casual vibe, even when he’s dressed in jeans and T-shirts, and obtains a sleek look that even the chunkiest of cardigans can’t change. Daniel keeps his everyday outfits set in the tailored practicality that makes him a style icon. Working with rough and ready outerwear, paired with simple well-fitted shirts and T-shirts helps to add a clean balance and accentuate the perfect fit of his clothes. And don’t forget the accessories! A pair of sunglasses will ensure you look like a man on a mission, whilst a newsboy cap creates a slick sartorial clash between British and American styles. Minimal, confident and well-cut: Look casual but sharp.


Suit Up!

Bond is all about bespoke – tailored Tom Ford suits, custom Crockett & Jones shoes. Daniel Craig knows how to pull off a good suit. Keeping the colour schemes simple and smart, Craig goes for subtle greys and blacks and keeps accessories to a minimum. A bow tie and a well-placed pocket square in a neutral colour are just a few ways to bring out the elegant sophistication of his suits and helps ensure he brings out the bond style in all his formal wear. If you are attending an elegant wedding, formal dinner party or black tie ball, go the full Monty with a full tux and bow tie. Just add a slim fit shirt, smart suit trousers and a skinny black tie to complete the look. If you think you can not rock a black suit, then remember the next best thing – grey.