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Eid is an Arabic word that translates to ‘celebration’ or ‘festival’, and that is what it’s all about.

It comes twice a year and signifies a joyous commemoration amongst the Muslim population across the world. The tradition of celebrating Eid started back in the times of the Prophet Muhammad (SM) and he was known to wear his best cloak during this occasion. Traditionally, all Muslim wear their best dresses, mostly ethnic, during Eid. In this article, we’ll delve into some magnificent Eid appropriate appearances.

Kurta and Salwar for Namaz

Kurta and Salwar is by far the most worn and shopped for eid outfit in our subcontinent. This dress is quite comfortable and allows one to move and bend freely, thus rendering it an ideal dress for Eid prayers, as well as the day. The all-white kurta is a dress that never goes out of style. Besides white kurtas, pastel kurtas are also ideal wear for summer. This look can be accessorized with both shoes and sandals.

Striped Kurta with White Trousers

Who doesn’t love vertical or horizon stripes in their clothes? Even better when you can incorporate these lovely patterns in your Eid outfit. You can wear a classic striped kurta with a pair of white trousers and a pair of good moccasins. This look can be described as simple yet classy, and can be adorned by both men and boys. You can spice up the outfit even more with a complementary leather watch and shades.

Waist Coat with Kurta

A man’s wardrobe is almost incomplete without a flamboyant collection of waist coats, especially for festivals. This form of clothing adds style and class to the owner of the clothing. Men’s Waistcoat is also ideal for festive occasions, gala parties, wedding functions etc. In case you are planning to wear a waistcoat this Eid, go for neutral colors like black, grey, ivory, beige and shades of white with dark hue with kurta suits. If you’re however willing to pull of a more casual outlook, you could pair up your waist coat with short kurta and jeans.

Good attire, even though a pre-requisite for Eid is incomplete without the complementary accessories. Here’s a few of the mandatory accessories that will enhance your look.
Men’s bag: To carry your Phone and wallets.
Sunglasses: To protect your eyes.
Wristwatch: A gentleman’s best friend.
Bracelet: Optional.
Taqiyah: A must carry on Eid.


Everyone notices what shoe we’re wearing, be it any spatial or time arrangement. So, it’s imperative to choose good shoes that will complement your Kurta. shoes like Kolhaparis, Peshwari Chappals, Mojaris, Classic formal shoes can best suit for the special day.


Last but not the least, there’s grooming. All your sublime dresses and shoes don’t amount to much if you’re barely groomed. So, don’t forget to get an appointment at your nearest saloon and get a decent haircut and beard grooming. Clip your nail and wash your face with a face wash or a face scrub before you leave your house. You may also consider putting on some moisturizer and sunscreen. Finally top it off with your best cologne/attar.

So make sure to wear the right clothes by following these steps, and keep a neat and clean look, to celebrate Eid with a style that will make heads turn.