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Summer colognes are like shorts: you necessarily do not have to have to wear those, but believe me, they are cool! Summer is probably the best time to freshen up your cologne wardrobe and try to be a little more adventurous. So here are five tips that you may find helpful to choose your coveted summer fragrance.


1) Go for super cool citrus scents 

Summer perfumes are mostly about the refreshing aura of citrus fruits. When it’s hot and humid outside, the scent of citrus keeps us recharged. Citrus is naturally associated with the warmer months, at the same time with cleanliness too. One of the best appeals of the citrus scents is its initial zingy flavour, which can lift your mood easily. It may not last for a long time as citrus smell is naturally volatile and has a short term effect on skin, but be assured, it will perfectly match your summer style. So you can carry your citrus flavoured colognes all the time with you and can use it whenever you need. Keep in mind that the best citrus based fragrance choices are the ones that can be associated with woody, floral and fruity notes to make the fragrance stay on you for longer.


2) Want to be wild? Marine is your choice

Summer means sun and sand and most importantly beach. During daytime you may need some watery vibe in your colognes, you may need the scents that are aqua-flavoured. According to Will Andrews of the P&G Fragrance Design Team. “People often ask how a fragrance could smell of water, when water doesn’t actually smell of anything but, of course, watery environments like lakes and oceans do have distinctive aromas and we are able to recreate those smells with modern perfumery materials.” If you plan for a summer vacation or a day trip, marine fragrances may be your best choice.


3) Go for light 
When the temperature begins to rise, you can go for some lighter ones. Every renowned brand of colognes generally has some special summer editions. Reformulated, remixed and repackaged, they’re designed to be lighter and fresher while retaining the essence of the original fragrance. These special summer summers often have more zingier or juicier tones such as mandarin, grapefruit and melon, or invigorating ones like mint and ginger.


4) Be notorious at night 

When the sun sets and the heat diminishes a little bit, you may plan for a night party. This is perhaps only time in summer to try something heavier. You can be a little bid of adventurous and try some munchy or spicy notes. Whether you’re headed to a bonfire, blind date, or bachelor party, it’s a safe bet to be bold.


5) Know your personality 

Choosing fragrance is such a sensitive thing that may vary greatly from person to person. Every individual has his own persona, and fragrance is very closely related to it. So know yourself and choose the best fragrance suited to your personality carefully. It is important to know how the scent will blend with your natural oils throughout the day. Do not try to mix different perfumes at the same time and stick to our own brand.