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Wedding season is around the corner and nothing seems to be more exciting than the great event of a Gaye Holud. The colorful program is rejoiced with a lot of memories and it certainly feels good to have a great hair style that might rock the event. Men’s haircuts have evolved more recently than ever, thanks to an increase in grooming trends among men. Here are 4 hair styles that can make your Gaye Holud festive a stylish one.


Classic Taper Cut

The taper haircut is one of the best short hairstyles for men in 2019. A men’s tapered haircut is cut with scissors instead of clippers, unlike the high or low taper fade. Despite the popularity of cool short and long taper hairstyles, the renewed interest in this classic style is probably the result of its stylish versatility. Through selecting a taper, the gentleman look can be combined with a kurta or Punjabi to sense your celebration aura.


Ivy League haircut 

The haircut of the classic Ivy League is smart and polished. Often known as a Princeton cut or Harvard clip, the design features neatly tapered sides with a top that is just long enough for a side part to be modeled. The gentle gloss on your hair will make a good, gentle impression on your skin signifying a good hair day for the occasion.


Slicked Back Gentleman
This dapper look is enough to give you a perfect picture, just as it does for many Bollywood celebrities. All you need is soap, tons of it, and the way you want to shape your body. Whether you’re looking for an office look for a festive event or want to stand out at a dinner party, combed over styles offer the right mix of size, texture, movement, and styling. It’s a great choice for a confident hairstyle to keep up the energy up.


Comb over haircut

The term “comb over haircut” means a vintage-looking style in which one side of the hair is combed. This creates a style similar to the stylish, classic side part. The contemporary comb over is a wonderful choice for a relatively easy-to-keep trendy hairdo. Styling takes about 5 minutes, and otherwise it does not need too much maintenance. It’s great for straight and wavy hair, fine to thick hair, and square and oval shapes of the head. Keeping such a great haircut won’t interfere with the dance routine you practiced for a great performance.


It is imperative to groom your hair properly for the Gaye Holud. You may sport a new look to match with that stunning Kurta or Punjabi with the aid of a little hair product and perhaps a trim here or there to pull off these amazing hairstyles for such a joyous occasion.