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Remember the ravishing Sean Connery in the 1962 James Bond Film Dr. No‘? Maybe you can recall the flamboyant Marlon Brando from ‘A Streetcar named desire’? It was the age of ‘High waisted Trousers’. From the 1930s men wore high waisted, full around the hip trousers and had long column-like wide legs. That wide-leg trend began in the 20s and gradually narrowed down into the 50s, while the high waists lasted until the early 1960s. After that low waisted trouser began to sore. But with the advent of time, high waisted trousers have again turned the tide.

As mentioned in our introduction, pants rise is heavily impacted by fashion.


High-rise also referred to as “long-rise” or “high-waisted,” pants have had a bad reputation for several decades because they are associated with either out-of-touch granddads or young nerds with their pants hiked up to their chests. But the idea is changing gradually. Of course, before anything else you have to determine if your physique suits high-waisted trousers at all. So, if you have a long upper body, high-rise pants will counterbalance that and make you look more proportional. A high rise can make you more comfortable if you carry weight in your abdomen. Often high-rise pants will also be pleated. As a side benefit, a higher waistline also helps disguise your belly. ‘High-waisted trousers’ origins lie in classic tailoring, so when you get the rise and cut right for your body you’ll be flying high,’ says Chris Gove, founder of British menswear brand Percival.


Higher-rise pants are therefore more flattering under these several conditions. When sizing, be aware that if your waist measurement is a certain size but you have a belly, you may need to have high-rise pants let out at the waist because it sits up where your stomach is and not at your hips.


The shape of your body also tends to change with your number of years, and pants rise is also a part of dressing appropriately to your age. While younger men have a wider range of possibilities when considering rise, an older man wearing low-rise pants risks looking like he is trying to recapture his lost youth. However, for younger men too, low rise will maintain a perception of youthfulness, but a strong motive for wearing tailoring and classic menswear is to avoid dressing like a boy.


Gents from the first half of the 20th century also knew high-waisted pants look best if you are wearing a suit jacket, blazer or sport coat, especially closed. If you open your jacket, high-waisted pants risk making your chest look concave or sunken.

Once you’re working with the right trousers, finish off your look by keeping the rest simple. The best way to ease into this type of styling is with a well-fitting, tucked-in T-shirt and a jacket that’s long enough to balance the whole thing out. You can try the cool combination of Cuban collar shirt and high-waisted trousers in summer. Also if you think a little less textbook, high-waisted trousers worn with a blazer works like a dream. Even a polo shirt or a T-shirt with this particular type of trousers may look elegant.