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From a cool gentle weather, suddenly feel that summer is here with the scorching heat. Managing hair in season changes is one of the biggest challenges . But a few tips can be very handy for you to cope up with the abrupt change of heat, rain or cold.


Get a perfect haircut 

First thing to do when winter is gone? Get a haircut that will make you refreshed.

“For summer, you want a style that’s easy to maintain and isn’t affected by heat or humidity,” says Daniel Davies, general manager at London’s Pall Mall Barbers, who adds that going short is the thing to do. “It’s also much easier to rinse chlorine out of a shorter style, which is important as this chemical is really damaging to hair and can leave it feeling like straw.” Avoiding particularly long hair is always a good call, it’s best to stick with short to medium haircuts in the summer

a high and tight haircut or a crop with a taper fade can be your ideal choice.  Revived pompadour or modernised side part may the haircut you are looking for.


Wash, wash and wash 
As a go-getter, you’re probably always out and about in the bustling, polluted city. All that grime and sweat from a day’s action—especially in a hot and humid country—may cause you to have an oily scalp and put you at a higher risk of dandruff. A greasy scalp is a big no-no, so clock in those shower hours and rinse daily to stay fresh.


Lock In Moisture

About 10 to 13 percent of hair is made up of water, so as well as undercutting the effects of UV rays with SPF, keeping locks loaded with moisture becomes vital in hotter conditions.

In addition to allowing a conditioner time to do its work in the shower, celebrity hairstylist Jamie Stevens suggests going a step further. “I always advise clients to occasionally swap their conditioner for a masque during the summer months as these are much thicker and penetrate deeper into the hair follicle.”

While all hair types can benefit from moisturising, those with typically dry locks will see a noticeable difference.


Keep away from UV Rays

Protecting your newly exposed scalp from sun damage is vital after giving your locks the chop, but it’s equally important if sporting a long hairstyle, too.

Those with a more sizable thatch of hair covering their head should still use protection. Experts also suggest that  you can put sunscreen on your hair as well as your face. Sun Oil is good for protecting your hair and head. It’s easy to apply, acting almost like a leave-in conditioner.


Apply Sunscreen to Your Scalp

When people talk about the benefits of sunscreen, they generally overlook the scalp. Even though it’s covered with hair, your scalp is as important as your hair. So applying a little sunscreen lotion to your scalp before going out is something you should not forget. Spray sunscreens work really well too and can double up as a styling product. If for any reason you’re unable to apply sunscreen, always wear a hat when you’re outside.


Be careful at pool 

Summer means keeping active, and the best way to exercise and keep cool is to go for a swim after or before work – or even on a weekend. However, there is a drawback to going to the pool. Pool water contains chlorine which can damage your hair and make it feel like straw. Whether you have short or long hair, it’s always a good idea to wear a swimming cap to stop your hair from soaking up pool water.

Another suggestion is filling a spray bottle with water and adding a few drops of leave-in conditioner. Apply the mixture to your hair before you get into the pool. This will help prevent your hair from soaking up the water. There are many leave-in conditioners on the market that are suitable for all hair types and you can use often as you like.



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