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Affecting one-third of the population, hair loss is one of the most common problems worldwide. On average everyone loses 100 strands of hair each day. However, the problem starts when you start to lose more than that. Hair fall can be caused by a number of reasons which should be taken into consideration to control it. Here are a few tips for combating hair fall in men.

Use the Right Shampoo

There are two options for hair growth shampoo: prescriptions or over-the-counter treatments. Prescription shampoos, such as ketoconazole, prevent hormones associated with hair loss, thus reducing hair fall. On the other hand, over-the-counter growth shampoos provide the components to rebuild hair as well as reduce damage and inflammation

Try Out Hair Serums

Hair serum contains various ingredients that nourishes your hair and promotes hair growth. It covers your hair with a protective layer that prevents from the damage caused by pollution, humidity, dust and hair styling tools. Most of the hair growth serums are equipped with UV protection formula. This protects the hair from damage by harmful UV rays.

Don’t Forget About Conditioners

One of the most common reasons for hair fall is ditching the conditioner after the shower. As you may already know, hair is at its weakest when wet, and so it needs more nourishment. Conditioners reapply essential oils and moisturize the hair to keep it healthy, and reduce hair fall.

Watch your Diet

A healthy diet ensures healthy hair. Incorporate nuts and seeds in your diet as they are packed with Vitamin E and healthy fats that provides your hair with the oil it requires to stay soft and healthy. On the other hand, lean proteins found in fish, lean meats and Soy support hair growth. Adding spices like Cinnamon to your food can help provide necessary oxygen and nutrients to your hair.


Regular exercise like walking, swimming or cycling helps balance hormone levels. It also promotes blood circulation, which ensures quick and efficient distribution of nutrients in hair follicles.

Manage stress

Like many other factors, high levels of stress leads to hair loss. Reevaluate parts of your life that cause you stress and engage in activities that help de-stress. Alternative therapies such as Meditation and Yoga can immensely reduce stress and restore hormonal balance, thereby promoting hair growth and health.

Incorporating all these steps will make you control and reduce your hair fall, and give it a chance to regrow into a thicker and fuller set of hair within just a few weeks!