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For those of us who grow beards, we look forward to a glorious, full and thick beard. Patchy beards on the other hand depicts patches of beards and bald spots in others. However, patchy beards should not come as a heavy concern as it may be caused because of something simple such as your diet, hormonal imbalance and stress. Here are a few suggestions to fix a patchy beard:

Grow it long

You may consider growing a longer beard instead of a short one, because that way you can know where the hair grows and where the patches are forming. As a result, fuller and longer hair can help cover patches. The first few weeks can be a little difficult when your patchy facial hair is uneven, but eventually it will grow even.

Condition your beard

Dry, wiry and poorly maintained facial hair can often cause a patchy beard to form. It is extremely important to use the right products and tools to condition your beard. This affects both the health and the appearance of the beard. A good beard oil or balm will help the growth of a healthy mane, while at the same time keeping it clean down to the follicles.

Comb your beardOn the other hand, combing your beard on a regular basis after shower helps define the shape of the beard. Using exfoliates or face washes will help steer clear of dead skin cells and prevent dry skin. This, in turn improves blood flow and results in better hair growth, giving you a thicker, fuller and healthier beard.Eat well

  A healthy diet is essential in the development of a healthy individual. Likewise, it is also highly applicable to facial hair growth. Drinking loads of water and eating food that are high in Vitamins (B & C), Zinc, Iron and Omega 3 helps nourish the hair and promote its growth. Adding eggs, avocado, almonds, cauliflower, banana and milk to your diet can come as a blessing. Niacin is another Vitamin that is closely linked with hair growth, the likes of which can be found in peanuts, mushroom, tuna, beef and sunflower seeds.  

Avoid Stress

The beard, much like our mind and body is negatively affected by stress. Stress causes loss of hair and so creates bald patches in our facial hair. It also constricts blood vessels, making it hard for the nutrients to pass through to the follicles. Cutting down on stress improves beard growth. Our daily lives can be stressful and so you might want to practice mindfulness methods, exercise etc. as ways of stress release.  

All these steps will help you grow the beard of your dreams and make you a man from a boy in no time. So have patience and be consistent.


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