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Regardless of the season, a flaky scalp can be a pesky problem. How do you get rid of dandruff? Here are some tips and tricks for how to address this issue, so that you can finally start wearing black again.

Tweak your Diet

Deficiency of Vitamin B and good oils can cause the onset of dandruffs. Reduce bad fats in your diet, especially chocolate and dairy products. Meanwhile, add more foods containing Vitamin V and good oils such as green vegetables, proteins and grains.

Massage your Scalp

A good massage can do wonders to your body and skin. Apply natural oils like Coconut, Almond, Jojoba directly to the scalp using a dropper or a brush and lightly massage the oils into your head. This soothing treatment will help break up flakes and soothe your scalp. Just make sure not to scratch your head or rub too hard.

Exfoliate your Scalp
Much like exfoliating your skin, exfoliating your scalp is greatly beneficial in keeping your scalp and hair healthy. Scalp exfoliators remove dead skin which is very helpful at breaking down the dead skin cells that accumulate on the scalp and lead to flaking. You may use scalp treatment products or Shampoos that have built in exfoliator in them.


According to the American Academy of Dermatology, being in a negative mental space can worsen skin conditions, including those that appear on the scalp. This goes on to say that stress is directly correlated to dandruff. You may consider exercising, swimming, or mindful techniques like yoga that may help you avoid flaking.

Frequent washing

Oils and dead skin cells accumulate in your skin for a longer time if you do not take frequent showers or hair-wash. If you’re prone to dandruff, you should wash your hair few times a week to minimize this build-up factor. You may consider using a Shampoo high in Zinc as this will greatly solve your flake problems.

Not only is it important to focus on treating dandruff, but it’s also essential to prevent it. Follow the simple steps discussed in this article to prevent dandruff.


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