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Finally summer is here. You must be wondering how you can keep yourself fit in the hot summer days. Don’t worry, here are some tips which you may find handy in the summer of 2020.


Drink, drink and drink

First rule: You have to drink a lot of water. As medical science suggests, every adult needs 64 ounce or 8 glasses of water on a summer day. But it’s the minimum. When the temperature is up, drink at least 10 glasses of water per day. It helps to keep your core temperature down during workouts.You may ask, how is it possible to drink water regularly on a hectic working day when you have to attend meetings or conferences. Simple: Carry a water jar with you all the time.


Plan your exercise accordingly
If you plan for workout in a summer day, plan it methodically. Most of the people can’t continue their exercise as they dont have specific plans. So repeating same things without any purpose will make you bored. Especially on a summer day, when you may get exhausted quickly if you don’t plan your exercise accordingly. Of course outdoor exercise is more refreshing, but on a summer day try to plan your workout indoors.  If you plan to go outdoors, do it early in the morning. Air conditioned gyms become overly packed in the summer, but if possible, try sticking to off-peak gym times to avoid the massive influx of people trying to stay in shape. Keep a diary of your own and monitor your regular progress. There are a lot of handy smartphone apps available for this purpose.


Get a lemon drink every morning

Lemon water not only can refresh you but also it can help to reduce your weight with its metabolic property. So after waking up in the morning, try to have a glass of lemon water before eating anything (even before your bed tea). Believe me, it can provide amazing results! Along with the weight loss benefits, lemon water helps make the skin cleaner and boosts the immune system.


Eat a healthy and proper breakfast

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Obviously as a working person you must be in a hurry in the morning. You may take your early meal in a rush and sometimes skip a proper breakfast. Please don’t do this. Your body needs fuel, and breakfast is the best source of that fuel. Try to consume at least two different times that contain carbohydrates and proteins. Try to take some fruits like mango or banana or anything you can afford. If possible, have some fruit containing Vitamin C.


Don’t get overstuffed

Taking your meal regularly is another important thing in summer. Don’t allow yourself to get too hungry. Choose healthy foods and eat slowly to the point that you feel comfortable. If you can afford, try to divide your meals at least 4 or 5 times in a day. Of course you have some invitations or parties at night, but try to avoid mouth watering spicy items especially at night. Believe me, you will feel suffocated if you can’t resist yourself from the delicious foods in a night party. Try to avoid sweets or fizzy drinks after dinner as less as possible.


Try to pick the right sport

Summer day is the best time for outdoor sports but if you can afford, try to have some water sports like swimming. It will cool your body a lot and make yourself more recharged and refreshed. Try to have some fruit juice before and after swimming.


Avoid the sun when it is in the peak

If possible, avoid going out on the hottest summer days. Try to avoid exercise in the late morning or noon. Of course, nothing can beat the aura of fresh air, but you plan some outdoor activities, plan it early in the morning. Also you have to have to move during day, taking necessary precautions like sunscreens and umbrellas.