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As you are pretty bored staying at home for quite a long time, you may spend more time on social media. Then perhaps the video of Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma caught your eye where Anushka did a hair trim for her husband. For not everyone is as lucky as Kohli, so maybe you are at your own for your hair-trim. But a haircut isn’t everything you need in the lockdown days. There are some tips which may help you to save your hair. And of course, unlike the popular saying, if you try it at home.

Take time to let your hair growFirst rule: Patience. Before anything else, you have to keep in mind that you are stuck at home for quite a long period. As you cant have access to your comfy barbershop, so let your hair grow a bit. One of the trickiest parts of your hair is the transition state. SO you have to wait how much hair growth you can afford to deal with.

Keep your neck and back clean

As your hair is not still long enough and you feel this is not yet the time for a haircut. But at the same time you feel a bit itchy down the neck. Maybe you can focus on your back and neck. You can trim your backline and neck to keep these parts neat and tidy. And If you have a good shape of hair, just maintaining a well-trimmed back and neck will be good enough for you. For this, clippers or a beard trimmer are your best bets.

Take a Buzzcut

If you don’t want to let your hair grow, you can opt for a shave. During quarantine, a buzzcut is a great way to solve two problems: no need for a hairdresser, and no need to worry about your cut growing out. Of course you have to make sure the clippers are fully charged. Then attach the guards to them securely (you don’t want it falling off mid-way) and run the clippers all over clean, dry hair in all directions to get any stray hairs and repeat until you feel you have achieved the desired look. Alternatively, if you have longer hair and are doing this for the first time experts suggest starting with the longest guard and taking your time.

Use a comb for longer hair

If your hair is longer, you need a decent enough pair of scissors that will cut cleanly, as well as a decent comb. Wash your hair and while it’s a little more wet than damp, comb it down over your forehead and ears. 

Using the points of the scissors, lightly cut into your hair on the diagonal so you don’t create any hard lines and take the ends off. Then take a piece of hair on the top and comb upwards (this will be a bit tricky, FYI) and do the same. Try to work around the head as much as possible, consistently taking the same amount off.

Look for YouTube suggestions

There are thousands of videos available on Youtube for men’s hair grooming. Just give a quick search for ‘’Men’s hair tutorial’ and you will get tons of suggestions. Google trend also has observed a huge spike of the search for men’s tutorials at home But keep in mind that, whatever you do, be understanding.


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