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Every guy wants to look good for the date, but most men don’t know the proper ways or do the wrong ones. This article will discuss some meticulous steps and habits that will make you step up your game in the dating world.


Refresh Your Hair

When your hair looks good, everything about you will be on point. A fresh trimmed hair dramatically changes a man’s overall look and having a fresh haircut 3/4 days prior to the important date can bring out the alpha in you. 


Get Rid of Bad Breath 

Bad breath is the first turn off for a woman, and you don’t want to lose a point the moment you open your mouth. So use proper mouthwash regularly in the morning and keep mouth freshening mints or candies to get a quick fresh breath before the date.


Dress for the Occasion

Put on the outfit you feel confident in, but don’t forget to be comfortable. You can rock a semi-formal look by putting on a nice shirt with jeans or khakis and a sneaker. You can also try something fun by changing your traditional look and opting for stylish trends. Surprise your date with a look she has never seen you before.

Don’t Neglect Your Scent

A fresh but not overpowering scent can make you win your date. You should always go for fragrances that support and match your natural scent. It should be so strong that those who will come real close will only be able to smell it. This portrays an unspoken, deeply rooted confidence while at the same time not showing off.

Invest in Proper Shoes

Famous French fashion designer Christian Louboutin once said, “Shoes transform your body language and attitude. hey lift you physically and emotionally.” Most women look at men’s shoes and judge their personality from it. So, if you want to make a great first impression, put on shiny or clean shoes whether it is formal, casual or boots.


A little extra care for the day will be noticed and appreciated by your date. So make sure to remember these steps to impress your girl and make it a night she will never forget.