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Remember the 80’s decade, when male grooming was pretty simple.?.Actually in the victorian period, men took quite a lot of pride in their appearance.  Since then there has not quite a revelation in men grooming. Only in the last ten years have we emerged in a place where it is acceptable and encouraged to take pride once again. The rise of male grooming, styling, and sculpting is now unstoppable. Today guys around the world take skincare for men seriously. Men are free to groom however they please. Lets just quickly recap the whole revolution in a brief.

Hair style

Once upon a time keeping long hair was a common practice among emperors and kings. With the advent of rock and roll and metal revelation, long hair has become a sort of trend. Fast forward to the 2010’s, and long hair with untamed facial hair is all the rage.  A lot of classic haircuts have been modernised.

If you want to give your hair a retro look, there are a lot of ways now. For the ‘traditional’ man, grooming meant popping into the barber once every two months. Nowadays, men recognize that this is not enough, both for hygiene reasons and grooming reasons. A professional haircut (once every month, ideally) is the minimum standard. It’s also advisable to chat with your stylist about your hair. What is the best product for your hair type? What styles work for your face structure? These are conversations that haven’t been had for a hundred years in male barber shops. However, the modern man is going well beyond the barber, and taking on a rigorous grooming routine in between visits too.

Skincare It is quite evident that men have started to give a lot of attention to their skin. Men’s skin used to be much tougher than it is now and probably this is because men traditionally used to work in harsher environments, which meant their skin was exposed to more elements, whereas now times have changed skin can become more sensitive as a result of this.There are a lot quality face washes, face moisturizers, anti aging creams available in the stores, you just have to go and grab those. Moisturizer and serums are now created especially for men. They are designed to soften the effects of shaving, and keep skin feeling hydrated and healthy. Salons are catering more for men and offering more services such as facials, manicures, pedicures and threading. Men no longer want to come into the salon for just a haircut, they want to be truly pampered and that’s why it’s so important to be able to offer many different services to your male clientele, and allow them to leave your salon looking and feeling the best version of themselves.

Facial hair

The traditional man rarely had little time for styling a beard. A wet shave every morning set you up for the day, and covered all the bases. Arguably, this is actually more hygienic than the modern beard sculpting. However, it was certainly a labour of laziness, and a doctrine of simple, no-nonsense grooming. In recent times men are taking care of their beards more and trying out different trends. They are aware their beard style can help shape their face and that there are different styles to suit specific face shapes. They are also experimenting more with trends like goatees, moustaches, stubble and longer beards as well as having their eyebrows trimmed and shaped.

Hair color

Hair color is another aspect where there has been a revelation. There have been a lot of experiments with the hair color. Men are trying different sorts of colors and thinking out of the box. Being influenced by celebrities, we can see a lot of men visit the salon for a variety of different hair colour services including highlights, lowlights, bleaching, all over colour and even trying out bolder hair colour shades and pastels.