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Shaving has always been a part of men’s skincare regimen since ancient times. In order to look sharp and fresh, men follow this ritual almost every day. However, razor cuts, burns, nicks, itchiness and other issues that result from shaving can leave you in an annoying state which will end up making your face look bad and your day awful.

Lucky for you, there are few tips we are going to provide in this article that will make sure you can banish the fear of blade for good. 

Prepare Your Skin

Cool down the skin of your face with a few splashes of water. Wet a towel with warm water and wrap it around your face for 4-5 minutes. The more time you spend on lubricating your skin, the less likely you are to get razor cuts in your skin. 

Use Shaving Cream

Not using shaving cream can make your razor jump across your skin, which will eventually lead to a cut. Shaving cream or gel helps the razor glide smoothly all over the skin. Men who have excessive dry skin needs to use sensitive skin shaving cream.

Right Shaving ToolsRazor burns or cuts can be avoided by using proper razor glides or blades. Use a razor that has multiple blades and a soft and flexible neck if you suffer from nicks and cuts. But if your skin is more sensitive and subject to razor burn then you should go for razors with fewer blades, more like a classic safety razor. The sharper the razor blades are, the less likely it will cut your skin. 

Post Shave Measures

After shaving, the skin gets very sensitive. So avoid rubbing a towel too harshly on the face, and apply soothing aftershave products to control or prevent itchiness and rashes. Try to avoid aftershaves that contain alcohol since it dries out the skin. Remember to drink enough water so that your freshly shaved face do not dry out too much.

Take care of Your Razor

Always keep your razor in good form by taking good care of it and using the same blade for too long should be avoided. Rinse your razor with warm water after shaving. Store your razor in a dry place once you are done with it. Whenever you are feeling that your razor is not cutting that well, replace the blades. 

To look smart, you should shave smart. Using all these precautions and practices will surely help you get that sharp and confident look, without having to worry about any of those frustrating issues.