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Skin is something you may have overlooked in your hectic working days. In the days of social distancing, you have to stay at home for long long days. Maybe this is the ideal time to invest some time in your skincare. As you have to keep yourself physically and mentally fit in the lockdown days, skincare is something that should not be ignored. You have to just remember some tips.


Keep yourself hydrate

As you are staying at home, you may not feel the scorching heat of summer. Nevertheless, in the summer days, you have to drink a lot of water. This is the first and foremost rule to maintain a healthy skin. Keep yourself hydrated, drink water as much as possible. Fruit like watermelon is another great choice. So eat as much fruit as possible. Keep a healthy diet, don’t overstuff your tummy with mouth-watering foods often. If you are healthy, your skin will reflect the vibe.


Sanitize and keep your hands in shape
The biggest challenge of your skincare during the lockdown days is probably keeping your hands in shape. You have to wash or sanitize your hands often with soap water or something else. Naturally your hands become drier and drier and can exacerbate dry skin issues. That’s why it’s important to both sanitize and moisturize. So it is recommended to use hand cream every time after using hand sanitizer.


Exfoliate regularly

Maybe you are not stepping out of your home during lockdown days. Still in the summertime you may sweat and your face may be exposed to dirt or oils. Exfoliation doesn’t just remove dirt and grime off the face but also allows for better absorption of products. You can try some DIY products at home which can give their skin the perfect cleansing that it needs. Your trusty go-to brand for deodorant and body wash also happens to make an exceptional face scrub for men. This gentle scrub does wonders to give your skin the deep clean it needs, without completely stripping your skin of the moisture.


Shave while at shower

If you don’t feel comfortable with your beard, you may opt to trim. As you can no longer rely on your trusted barber, you have to do it on your own. You may go for shaving after the shower because the steam softens our facial hair and the moisture helps decrease irritation. But shaving in the shower is even better for that exact reason. Not only is it a time-saver, the humidity of your shower will keep your skin moist and your pores open and even make the hair softer and easier to remove.


Take care of SPF

SPF or sun protection factor is something you may overlook during lockdown days. You may wonder, I am not going out, so why would I need sunscreen or face moisturizer during lockdown? Ironically you still have to take care of SPF. According to Bridget March, digital beauty director at Harper’s Bazaar, you also need SPF while you are staying at home. She explains, ‘This is because daylight equals UV light, which may not burn your skin while you’re sitting by the window, but it will cause premature aging’. So use a quality face moisturizer containing glycerin in your convenient way.