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Dry. Itchy. Flakey. These are all words that men with dry skin are familiar with. There are various factors that cause dryness of skin. Whatever the reasons are, we will outline a few suggestions that will help you control and prevent dry skin issues.

It All Starts in the Shower

The best opportunity to repair dry skin is a proper shower. But for skin issues, a shower can be a double-edged sword. A shower can repair or destroy your skin. Long showers will strip one’s skin of all the essential oils and will lead to dryness. Showers should never be longer than 10 minutes and lukewarm water should only be applied. Use soaps that are not harsh, and keeps your skin moist.

Moisturize Everything

You need to make sure your body is hydrated. Otherwise you’ll get dead skin that will flake off, which is irritating and looks bad. Different parts of the body will need different types of products to keep it moist. Apply body lotion on the whole body, and use an oil rich face wash to keep the face hydrated. Apply good hand cream to keep the hands hydrated, and don’t forget to use lip balms to keep the lips healthy. Make sure to apply all these after the shower, but don’t be afraid to use them whenever you feel your skin tighten and dry.

Apply the Right Stuff
To keep your skin in a healthy state, the right products should be applied. Instead of using a regular soap, you can try other skincare materials available in the market. Specifically products that are made for men’s body and face. You should always do some research on the products you are going to get regarding whether the product is compatible for your type of skin.

Don’t Rub the Towel

Men should never go gangbusters on their skin with a towel after getting out of the shower. Friction of a towel fibers against the skin and can actually worsen damage to the surface. So, instead of rubbing, pat the towel on your skin and let your skin stay in a healthy state.

Remember, when it’s a matter of dry skin, it all comes down to hydration. Drink plenty of water, at least 8 glasses per day. Moreover, using the right products will significantly help you keeping moisture in your skin to keep it healthy and fit.