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As a man, you’d love your skin to look and feel healthy. But that’s a wee bit difficult in case you’re using the same generic products that women use. This is because men’s skin differs from that of a woman. Let us indulge ourselves in men’s skin care and understand the factors that set our skin apart from women’s.


Male skin texture is quite different than that of a woman. The outermost layer of the skin (stratum corneum) is thicker in man rendering them tougher and rougher skin.

Facial Hair

The habit of regular shaving stresses out men’s skin. This can lead to more sensitive, easily irritated skin.  Shaving can lead to cuts and razor burns, as well as over-expose the skin to external influences as it clears off microscopic pieces of dead skin causes a weakened skin barrier function.  

Due to these fundamental reasons, it is important to use gender specific skin care tactics. Here are a few suggestions:

Skin ThicknessIn contrast with female skin, male skin is 25% thicker. The skin gradually thins with age, whereas women’s skin thickness usually remains constant until 40. This is the leading reason as to why men’s skin doesn’t age as quickly as that of a woman.


As men’s skin produces more oil, women’s cream and cleansers with lighter ingredients aren’t suited to properly cleanse a man’s skin. Men need stronger ingredients for deep cleansing. Exfoliating at least once a week can significantly reduce any acne outbreaks. 


Traditionally, men’s skin is exposed to the natural elements more frequently than women’s. Because the skin is thicker as well, it requires extra protection. Use face moisturizers for men which specialize in low cream and oil (since men already produce a lot of sebum). These moisturizers can penetrate the thick skin and soothe the skin after a shave.

Meanwhile, keep your hair clean, thick and hydrated with admirable haircare routines. You should consider taking up shampoo and hair conditioners for men.

Face wash and scrubs

Due to regular shaving, men’s skin is prone to razor burns and bumps, as well as breakages. The best face wash for men tend to take care of a men’s shave-worn facial skin. Using a face wash for men won’t throw off your skin’s pH level and will keep your skin hydrated. They are also helpful in relaxing the skin and unblocking the pores, thus reducing face irritation. Face scrubs for men are specially designed, taking in mind men’s crude shaving routines. Scrubs help remove hair away from the pores. It also prevents ingrown hair and ensures a closer and cleaner shave.

Now that you got an idea about the differences between men and women’s skin regimes, make sure to get the products that are suited for you and your skin type. Getting the right products will solve any skin issues you have, and make your skin fresh, clean and bright.


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