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Winter Grooming Regime for Stylish Men

There are many pros about winter, but protection of your skin is not one of them. Winter not only leaves you with the shivering of cold but also can wreck quite a havoc on your skin, specifically on your face. 


There is a general cause for all of the skin problems in winter like irritation, drying up, crackedness, and others: not drinking enough water. Sometimes we don’t feel the urge to take enough water in winter, which is quite suicidal for the skin. Apart from using grooming products, drinking plenty of water is sort of a must in winter. As you tend to crack your lips and find it hard to manage your skin in winter, you have to maintain certain things and keep some essentials at your disposal all the time on the chilly days. 


Use face wash eloquently

While your regular cleanser may be a good choice for summertime, you may consider changing it in winter. As you feel a bit dry and tight after cleansing, you may need to switch to a different cleanser, preferably a milder one.  A good face wash may also be handy for you. You can use  Studio X Brightening Facewash in this regard, which can clear your pores more deeply. As the weather becomes warmer, you can switch to Studio X Oil Clear face wash later. 


Moisturize and Use cream regularly

Using cream can do some wonders in winter as it returns your Ph to normal after cleansing. As experts suggest it is better to use cream made with ceramides and hyaluronic acid rather than lotion in winter. Ceramides help to fix the skin barrier, which can be vulnerable during winter for dryness.  Moist skin is better at absorbing ingredients than dry skin, so you try out a cream with efficient moisturizing capacity. 


Get rid of your dandruff 

Apart from your face and body, you have to take care of the skin or hair that means the scalp too in winter. Dryness in winter causes itchy scalp and eventually dandruff problems. So choose a good moisturizing anti-dandruff shampoo which can give a boost to your dry scalp. Studio X Anti-dandruff shampoo may be a good option for you.


Be Sensitive with soaps 

As skin tends to dry for the lack of moisture harsh soaps may not be appropriate for your skin. Try to use a soap that can provide necessary hydrating and moisturizing elements to your skin. You can try Studio X Clean and Fresh Soap. 


Be bold with balms 

One thing probably almost everyone needs in winter: balms for multipurpose use. There is a general theory that you would need balm just for your thin and delicate lips, which are more susceptible to drying out. Of course, you will need lip balm., at the same time you need balms for your face, hands even for the skin around the eyes and cuticles. Just make sure that you don’t use something like petroleum jelly, which doesn’t have any nutritional value apart from just shielding the skin.


Winter is a season that demands utmost attention, especially for the skin. So try to follow the tips, maintain a healthy diet, drink a lot of water and keep your skin healthy and shiny. 

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