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Your guide to perfect fragrances for winter

So winter is not coming anymore, it has truly arrived. The mist, fog and chilly air are all there to embrace you. Now you may prepare to bring out the heavy clothes. But you have to pay attention not only to your wardrobe, but also to your perfume cabinet too. 


Sometimes the fact is overlooked that fragrances have a close relation with weather. When the temperature varies, the impact of fragrances also vary to some extent. Generally lighter perfumes are preferred in summer and heavier perfumes in winter. So how to choose your preferred perfume in winter? Let’s start from the basics. 


There is a reason why lighter perfumes don’t persist in winter. In winter generally we cover the body more with clothes. So less part of our bodies are exposed to the outside. The air is drier and there is less moisture, so the light perfume doesn’t diffuse so much in the winter, unlike summer. 


So what kind of perfume should you use in winter? Fragrances have generally three notes: Top, middle, and base. The top note evaporates quickly and its aura can be felt immediately after applying to the skin. Citrus flavor fragrances have mostly this note. Middle notes are considered the heart of fragrances and their scent can be felt when the top note evaporates. But the most suitable note of winter is base. It is the heaviest and warmest among all, so the impact can last longer than the other notes. Vanilla, sandalwood, patchouli, and musk have these types of notes.


The next thing you can follow is to go for something sweet like gourmand. Vanilla, chocolate, caramel, and cotton candy scents may overdo a bit in summer, but ideal for winter. When the temperature is moderately less, you can go for aromatic or fougêre fragrances. When the temperature drops more, rich woody fragrances may be more suitable for you. Sandalwood, cedar, patchouli and oakmoss are dry, musky, earthy and can be excellent for winter. 


Another tip for you may be to mix up some spicy fragrances also known as orientals. Cinnamon, ginger, cumin flavored fragrances are not only warm, also have sophisticated and exotic vibes. 


And last you have to follow certain things. Don’t mix two different but strong scents simultaneously. Try to use a neutral or deodorant or bodywash. Try to moisturize your skin before any kind whether it is a matching moisturizer or an unscented one. Also, you apply some fragrance to your scarf or hair.


So be bold and make the most of your fragrances in these chilly days.


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